Sabtu, 12 Maret 2011

Not So Simple

1st : "I'm not that simple"

2nd : "I tried to be the ones, yes, in the past, but it's turned out that is tortured me, i can't stand it anymore"

3rd : "I had enough for pretending to be someone else, the best path for me is the path that i choose right now, even though that path is hard and rough"

4th : "I am me, i belong to me and not someone else"

5th : "I have feelings, so beware if you even dare playing with it, not just your body will cut into pieces, but also i will destroying your pride"

6th : "I don't like people who have too much excuses, too much lying, they who don;t have rights decisions and they who are live like a parasite"

7th : "Beware of your own words, i believe that people who not keeping his/her word will slowly consumed by misery"

"I am me, yes, i am not that simple, but that's me, and nothing can change it"

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